CALL FOR PAPERS『After Hiroshima: Collective Memory,』

International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD)


ISUD Seventh World Congress

After Hiroshima: Collective Memory,

Philosophical Reflection and World Peace

1 - 5 June 2007

Hiroshima, Japan


The International Society for Universal Dialogue issues a call for papers for its seventh World Congress.  The Society hopes to stimulate philosophical reflection and discussion on topics related to its central themes of collective memory and world peace.  Mindful of the event and setting of Hiroshima, the ISUD solicits papers that address questions concerning suffering, trauma, war, nonviolence, justice, international relations, genocide, human rights, nuclear power, international law, humanitarianism, reparation, and forgiveness.  Papers on other related subjects are welcome, as are non-western, continental, or analytic philosophical perspectives.  Proposals for special panels will be considered if the program chairs are provided with sufficient detail.  (All conference papers will be in English.  An international jury will award monetary prizes to select papers at the Congress.)


            April 1, 2006:           Abstract due (300-500 words)

            June 30, 2006: Notification of acceptance and invitation to submit full paper

            November 1, 2006: Full text of paper due

            April 15, 2007: Accepted papers posted on ISUD website


            April 1, 2007: Early registration fee due ($125)

            May 1, 2007: Late registration fee accepted ($150)

Send abstracts by regular post or email attachment in Word to:

            Dr. Charles Brown

            Philosophy Department

            Campus Box 4032

            Emporia State University

            Emporia, KS USA 66801


For further information on the ISUD, including details about membership, see the website ( or contact program chairs.

Our new Treasurer is Allison Roan.

She can be reached at

No change on mailing address.

Membership Dues for 2006:

Individual - $50

Institutional - $60

See Membership for Other Categories

Summary of the Business Meeting, St. Paul, June 11, 2005

Enthusiastic Thanks was extended to the University of St. Thomas, to Michael Andregg and his helpers for a vigorous and well organized Conference!

Lee Stauffer and her program committee were also thanked for an expanded and diverse program.

A new Membership Committee was created with Matt Melko as the chair, to try to expand out membership.  Call or email Matt if you would like to help:  937-293-5334 or

The Executive Council decided that in the future, all presenters at our conferences should be dues paying members of our society.

We are still trying to get an up-dated and accurate email address for all our members who have email.  If you think yours is out-of-date, please send your address to our Vice President Laina Farfat-Holzman  (

Plans are progressing for our next Conference in Paris.  Michael Palencia Roth made a detailed report and brought a Call for Papers in the form of a striking poster.  (It is reproduced in black and white on our web page under Conference.)  Dates are 5-8 July 2006, first session at the Sorbonne.  Registration fee:  $100 or 70 Euros.  A 250 word abstract must be presented, first call July 1st, last deadline Nov. 1st.  Full paper due about April 1st.  Our Program Committee chaired by Wayne Bledsoe will conduct the initial screening, but the French Committee will make the final decisions on the program.  They want to keep subjects directly on the themes of the Conference.  The ISCSC will contribute $5000 and the French sponsors, headed by the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), will contribute up to $150,000.  Housing has not yet been designated.  The three languages of the conference are French, English, and Japanese, and the EPHE will be arranging for simultaneous translations, budget permitting.

Members were urged to consult our web page frequently.

It was decided that our 2007 Conference will be held at ASILOMAR, a beautiful conference center in Monterey, California.  Laina Farhat-Holzman will be the local arrangements chair.

It was decided that our 2008 Conference will be in New Brunswick, Canada, Ricardo Duchesne, local arrangements chair.

It was suggested that our 2009 Conference be in India or Honolulu.

It was agreed that our Journal should solicit advertising at least for the back cover of the journal..

It was voted to raise our basic membership dues to $50/year  with adjustments for special categories.

The awarding of the Quigley Prize was postponed to our 2007 Conference.  A new Quigley Committee will decide on the honoree.

The following members were elected to the Executive Council for the term 2005-7:

Oleg Benesch, Ricardo Duchesne, Tseggai Isaac, Norman Rothman, Ross Maxwell, Peter O’Brian.

The class elected at the 2004 Conference in Fairbanks for a term of 2004-6 were:

Ashok Malhotra, Douglas Shrader, Stedman Noble (deceased), Lee Stouffer, Brian Bennett (resigned), Donald Burgy, and Michael Andregg.

Carry over members elected earlier with terms expiring in 2006 are:

Sir Roy Augier, Gloria Emeagwali, Dong Hyeon Jung, Asela Laguna-Diaz, Palmer Talbutt

Ex Officio members:  President, Lee Snyder, First Vice President, Laina Farhat-Holzman, Second Vice President, Eiji Hattori,  Secretary, Andrew Targowski,  Editor of Journal, Joseph Drew, Book Editor, David Wilkinson,

(If anyone notices a mistake in this list of Council members, please contact the President.)

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM.

Minutes revised by Lee Snyder.

The International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations was founded in 1961 in Salzburg, Austria. The ISCSC relocated its headquarters to the United States in 1970.

Membership is open to academics and independent scholars who are interested in the history of world cultures and related global issues

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Roger W. Wescott, 1992-95

Shuntaro Ito, 1995-98

Wayne Bledsoe, 1998-2004

Lee Daniel Snyder, 2004-07

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